Ma‘iola Services, Cultural Health Program

Welina Mai and welcome to Waimānalo Health Center's Maʻiola Services.
We value the restoration of Hawaiian healing practices. Hawaiian healing, as taught by Kahuna Levon Ohai, is relational. It represents a commitment to take an active role in wellness and healing for yourself, ‘ohana (family), kaiāulu (community), and ‘āina (land).

"Bringing our lifestyle into alignment with natural and spiritual pillars of health"

Laws of Ola

Moe – sleep

‘Ai pono – proper diet

Ho‘oikaika Kino – exercise

Ho‘oma‘ema‘e – cleanse

No‘ono‘o pono – meditation

Mana‘ona‘o – ponder

Pule – prayer


Traditional Hawaiian massage: to mitigate or ease pain by so doing.

Our lomilomi practitioners are Hawai‘i Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT). We provide therapeutic and restorative healing in the primary care setting. Our lomi style is based on the Pāola (quick healing) technique, using pressure points, posture alignments, energy cleansing and renewal. LMTs are also trained in a variety of other techniques and approaches.

Lāʻau Lapaʻau

Hawaiian Herbal Medicine: Lāʻau (medicine) and lapaʻau (to heal, cure). Medicine, i.e., herbs, roots, or other compounds for the relief of diseases. 

Our lā‛au lapa'au program provides patient education, healing lā‘au, teas, salves and in depth consultations. As Cultural Health practitioners there is a relationship between our spirit, mind, body, and place. A healthy body is the reflection of a strong spirt, peaceful mind and vibrant ‘āina. Our intention is to create awareness and opportunities to nurture healing of self, ‘ohana, community, and ‘āina.


Lāʻau lapaʻau classes are offered to patients and community members.

Topics include:
  • Mahi Lāʻau Lapaʻau: Hawaiian Medicinal Horticulture
  • Papa Lāʻau Lapaʻau: Introduction to Hawaiian Herbal Medicine
  • Laws of Ola: Laws of Health